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MVP. No, this is not an ego-driven play on Nyah’s many accomplishments inside and outside of the pool. Instead, it stands for her Marketing Value Proposition. Apart from being an exceptional swimmer, Nyah is a talented communicator who can connect with audiences irrespective of their race, social status, occupation, age, or gender. One of her most notable attributes is her ability to inspire others to be their best. Here are a few examples of Nyah's MVP offerings...

Elite Level Training

Do you want to enhance your child's mental skills as an athlete? As a caregiver, would you like to improve and maximize your child's swimming abilities? Are you curious about what it takes to succeed in swimming at the D1 level? Nyah can assist you in creating a comprehensive plan to achieve your goals.


Motivational Speaker

Nyah's heartwarming story and inspirational approach have the power to resonate with audiences of different backgrounds, whether it's a school assembly, awards banquet, or any celebratory event. She has a youthful knack for bringing every listener into her presentation through engaging dialogue, insightful wisdom, and practical success tips.   

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Leadership Development

Nyah, in partnership with her father Lawrence Funderburke, a former OSU basketball and NBA player, has developed a unique leadership approach called the Swim Strokes Paradigm™. This approach is designed to help both young and seasoned leaders expand their influence game. Nyah highlights specific swim strokes, each of which corresponds to a unique skill set and mindset that can help separate good leaders from great influencers. Her method is focused on creating aha! moments that will help listeners crystallize key leadership principles.


Brand Promotion

Nyah's remarkable success in athletics, combined with her easygoing nature and graceful presence, make her an ideal candidate to represent brands that share similar values. She is driven by a clear mission, guided by a strong vision, and focused on precision. Thanks to her parents' active involvement in the community, philanthropy has been an integral part of Nyah's charitable upbringing since she was a child. Giving back to society is a family tradition for the Funderburkes.


Female Empowerment

As an integral member of Ohio State’s female swim team — four straight Big Ten Championships — Nyah embraces the responsibility of being a role model to so many young girls who look up to her. She attended Columbus School for Girls in high school, which shaped her femininity, diversity, and affinity framework for gender equality initiatives (GEIs). She maintains, “When females are given the same opportunity as their male counterparts, we can add just as much value in corporate America and beyond. Rock wit it girl power™!”     

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