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2024 Swim Clinics

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Nyah Ariel Funderburke is on a mission. This communications major and dean's list student-athlete at The Ohio State University has a story to tell. She didn’t start swimming until sixth grade. She overcame her fear of competitive swimming back then to become one of the best NCAA Division I swimmers today. Nyah wants to inspire those without hope, empower millions of females disillusioned by the opportunity glass ceiling, and make our world a better place. Laudable goals for sure, but don’t bet against her. 


Her vision is impeccable. She placed her sights on greatness inside and outside the pool at one of the premier private high schools in the Midwest — Columbus School for Girls (CSG). Nyah’s success journey hasn’t come easy, though. Excellence comes with a hefty price tag, which she pays each day as an elite-level athlete in arguably the toughest collegiate sport. She adds, “No goal can be achieved without ‘The Fundy Focus.’ This truism was drilled into my core by my dad and number one fan. Of course, my mother also had a huge part to play.”  

Nyah’s interests are numerous, but her top three include gourmet cooking, healthy eating, and spending time with family — mom, dad, and her younger brother Eli. In fact, they're all connected. Gourmet cooking offers therapeutic benefits that lift her spirit and happiness meter. Obviously, this is tied to “purposeful” eating. To fuel a healthy body, it must be fed a daily supply of macro- and micronutrients — good sources of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Specialty meals full of nutritional goodies in the presence of family is what she enjoys most, a trifecta that positively impacts her mental state, biochemical well-being, and spiritual enrichment. A sound mind and balanced mood with an in-tune spirit keeps Nyah grounded.  

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